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"With incresing use of technology it can be said that we are leaving in computer era, electronic mail whihc has become very convenient & also a lot easier manner of communication that allows to reach out to anyone in the world. EML files are popular format for saving emails in different email environment. On the other side, PDF", which is the document format for presenting file/documents which is completely independent and save files graphics, lime/table formats, image format, etc. This file format is offering various profitable features.

To avail the full benefits offered by Adobe PDF environment, many people are thinking to switch their emails (saved in Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, OE Mail, Thunderbird Mail, Apple Mail, etc) to PDF environment. But problem started occurring when users have large number of EML files and converting them one by one to PDF format becomes a tiring and time consuming task.  

We came up along with multiple EML PDF exporter to convert Multiple .EML to PDF format in one go. No big problem will encounter throughout in conversion process as well as its sophisticated conversion process converts all the EML attachment files, header details, layout of email (HTML, RTF) and more.

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Some of the following query may striking on your mind? So take a look :

Query 1 : How can I convert my multiple .EML files into PDF by using your tool?

Solution - Simply install EML 2 PDF Converter and collect your EML files or folder having .EML files by using the "Add EML file(s)" & "Add Folder having EML file(s)" button.

Query 2 : How to convert eml files to pdf with embedded attachments?

Solution - Software offers two different saving Attachment options,

  1. Save your Attachments in embed PDF documents.
  2. Save your Attachments in other / separate folder.

Query 3 : Can I save my converted PDF file in so many different file format like - date + subject, etc?

Solution - Yes, you can save your converted PDF file through different custom file naming options.

Query 4 : Is it works with all Windows Operating Systems?

Solution - Yes, EML in PDF tool runs on all Windows version such as - Windows 7 (64-bit / 32-bit), Windows Vista, XP and other.

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